One line,
endless possibilities

One line,
endless possibilities

Product Flexibility

Design Flexibility

Diseños con marco


Increase the productivity of your framed designs, traditonally linked to high-end products.

Diseños centrados

Centred Designs

Offers the possibility to work with centred designs with great freedom in the quilting appearance and the distance to the perimeter of the panel.

Diseños tack & jump

TRACK & JUMP designs

Total freedom in the quilted motives arrangement, without having a large impact on the machine's productivity.

Diseños Continuos

continuous designs

The digital change of designs enables for a fast performance in the design changeover eliminating the needle distribution form the process.

Line ClevLine

Our automated panel manufacturing line provides an improvement, control and efficiency of the production process, doubling production by reducing manufacturing times. Our development and integration of industry 4.0 allows us to increase flexibility and reduce time-to-market.

ClevLine Highlights

Product flexibility

Enlarge your product portfolio to satisfy all of your customer demands remaining competitive.

Access to new customers

Prepare your business to access to new customers and markets, with the possibility to adapt to new environments of intensive production and high quality demands.

Improve your lead-times

Improve your production capacity and efficiency of the quilting department, to achieve a more competitive lead-time.

Increase your production of frame designs

Reduce production times of your framed designs and achieve a higher production per square metre.

Optimise your resources

Automate your process to simplify tasks in the quilting department, avoiding non-productive transitions and reducing the number of working stations.


Industry 4.0 ready

Digitalise your quilting department with the Line ClevLine to improve your interaction with the machinery and reach a higher visibility over the process.

Our own Sewing-heads

Design to deliver a high quality sew


Clevline (CL) Layout

Technical Data

Automatic line for the manufacture of padded panels and covers


Electrical Instalation: 3 p + tt + N
Phases Voltage: 400 Vac
Minimum Cable Section: 10 mm
Power Supply ClevOne: 15 kW
Power Supply ClevOne + ClevPanel: 20 kW
Power Supply ClevOne + ClevPanel + CLevStacker: 22 kW

ClevOne: 1000 x 5800 x 2600 mm
ClevOne + ClevPanel: 15000 x 5800 x 2600 mm
ClevOne + ClevPanel + ClevStacker: 19200 x 5800 x 2600 mm

ClevOne: 7400 Kg
ClevOne + ClevPanel: 9600 Kg
ClevOne + ClevPanel + ClevStacker: 10400 Kg

ClevOne: 150 l/min
ClevOne + ClevPanel: 230 l/min
ClevOne + ClevPanel + ClevStacker: 250 l/min

Air Presure: 6 bar

· Input material width: max. 260 cm
· Working width: max. 240 cm
· Material thickness: 1-8 cm.
· Number of filing materials: max. 5 layers

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