We specialize in the
development and manufacturing
of machinery for the
Mattress sector


Automated panel manufacturing line.

Our automated panel manufacturing line provides improved management, control and efficiency of the production process, doubling production by reducing manufacturing times. Our development and integration of Industry 4.0 allows us to increase flexibility and reduce time-to-market.

ClevPanelThe only vertical cap-top cover with 4 sewing heads, which with its independent movement guarantee a continuous quality frame around the perimeter of the panel, doubling the production of this range of drawings.

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ClevPanelClevPanel performs two processes in one: the cutting and sewing of the perimeter of the panel simultaneously, which produces an important saving of time and material, avoiding leaving a margin for the overlocked.
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ClevPanelComplementary machine to the ClevPanel for an automatic and high capacity stacking of panels, freeing the operator of repetitive work, allowing him to perform tasks of greater added value.

ClevPanelImprove the control and management of production through our ClevDynamics software, which will enable the automation and connection of all production lines of padded panels, providing efficiency, flexibility and real-time information on production data


ClevLine is the brand that represents IMASD in the mattress sector

Betting on innovation, technology, and specialization in the development and manufacture of industrial machinery.


The degree of specialization and knowledge that
our team of professionals brings us, we
allows us to face current and future challenges, with
innovative and effective solutions.


Our progress is based on the industry´s changing challenges and needs, sourced from Our commitment and close relation with customers helps us reach complete view of the vision 360

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