Imasd Services

In Imasd we have a comprehensive service system that accompanies all the processes of the company from the stage of first contact of the customer with the machine to the after-sales service.

Previous test. Test the effectiveness of our machines even before purchasing them:

Our advanced test service concept allows our customers to test the efficiency of our machines even before they can be acquired, thus simulating the integration of Clevline into its production process, since we offer them the possibility of carrying out manufacture tests with its own materials, together with our technical department.

In this way, the customer makes the purchase decision knowing in advance the quality of our machines and the technical equipment that makes up Clevline.

Training on the product:

Imasd offers complete training on our Clevline machines to the production and maintenance departments of our customers. Training is given at two levels; Level user and expert, which allows our clients to work with a high degree of autonomy.

After Sales:

Clevline has a comprehensive technical assistance system that provides an agile response, which in some cases includes the displacement of a technician to the customer’s premises. Also, in some countries we have partners.

Integral monitoring:

If the customer wishes, we offer a service of remote monitoring of our machines Clevline that allows to give assistance, to know the status of each one of them and to detect the possible problems.

Spare-parts sales service:

The Clevline machines are marketed with all their parts fully referenced, which facilitates traceability and facilitates the purchase of spare parts. Imasd offers a spare parts service.

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